Priorite a droite - where do I start?

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Priorite a droite - where do I start?

Post by Cornishman » Sun Mar 03, 2019 12:18 pm

2cvandy wrote:
Sat Mar 02, 2019 4:15 pm

That's an important word "competent", nobody was expected to be a perfect driver, they just had to show competence.
I think we can probably agree that incompetent drivers have no place on the roads?
I made several obvious errors in my (car) driving test and was pleasantly surprised when the examiner told me that I’d passed. That day somebody pointed out that the instructor would have been convinced that I was competent. It has made me smile ever since when people claim that they failed their test for a minute infraction like, I only checked the rear view mirror every five seconds when it should have been every three...
When I took my bike test I was confronted by the handlebar moustache wielding examiner who was reputed to fail people to keep the pass rate correct. I went off on the figure of eight circuit that he’d described hoping that not much could go wrong on my clutchless ST70 and when I got back to the test centre I sat in the queue for the pay and display carpark where the test finished. The examiner appeared and said,
Don’t waste time, bring it over the pavement.
I did, fearing a last minute trick but, no, I’d passed.
I’ve only just realised that Honda used the same model letters for that bike as for my current one. I’m fairly sure however that the ST on the 70 had nothing to do with Sports or Touring.

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Priorite a droite - where do I start?

Post by wizzard » Sun Mar 03, 2019 12:26 pm

I was late for my bike test as I had a flat battery and no kick start - I was doing well in excess of the 30mph limit (on my 125 Honda) and my heart sunk when I saw the tester out in the street looking for me. I thought he would have failed me instantly for doing a silly speed in town, but he didnt. He said he would have failed me if I hadnt indicated and done the proper head checks before swooping into the car park. I then passed, I reckon he had deemed me competent but a bit enthusiastic.
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