Health warning....

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Health warning....

Post by Hal » Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:00 am

My ex developed Hepatitis 'C' a few years ago, and as she's not an intravenous drug user, and in fact is far more knowledgeable than most people about how to avoid Hep C, she couldn't understand how she had been infected.

Then she discovered that another woman at the same dental practice also had Hep C....only she's had it for some time.

She asked the dentist how he sterilised instruments against Hep C and he showed her a bottle of sterilising liquid.

She read the label and pointed out that it clearly stated "This will NOT kill the Hep C organism."

She told him that Hep C is an extremely resistant bug, and the only practical way to kill it is to put metal instruments into a specific type of autoclave, which applies steam pressure at a sufficient temperature and pressure for long enough to kill it.

An 'entry level' autoclave will not do.

His response?

"When it's a legal requirement I'll buy one but not before!"

I wonder if he's heard of the Hippocratic oath?

As my daughter and I used the same practice, we got ourselves checked at the Limoges Hepatitis clinic, which doubles as the SIDA clinic.

After a nervous week waiting for results, we showed as clear, but when I was there the last time I said I couldn't comprehend why they were allowing an enormous infection vector to continue...

"What vector?"


"Oh no, they all sterilise against Hep C!!"

I pointed out that they had maybe better inform themselves immediately and start flashing red lights up the chain of command,and pointed out that in even as backward a country as the UK, it's been mandatory for probably at least 50 years.

My ex had rung the professional body of Dentistry here and been amazed at their complacent, uncaring responses.

I changed to a dentist who actually uses the proper equipment.

Best check your dentist!
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Health warning....

Post by papasmurf » Thu Sep 07, 2017 10:35 am

Strange attitude from a dentist because dentists are FAR more likely to catch a wide range of diseases including Hep C from patients than vice versa.

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Health warning....

Post by richard36 » Thu Sep 07, 2017 12:50 pm

Useful info Hal, I was at the dentist a week or so ago for a clean - always amazes me how willing to shake hands (or in his case little finger is offered) some health professionals are when they are working.

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Health warning....

Post by kitcarman » Thu Sep 28, 2017 3:28 pm

Sorry to hear about your wifes misfortune. The dentists are at fault in many ways. The worst being, Using mercury for fillings, A poison to any living thing. They used it in the lead up to ww1. Most brits had terrible teeth, So a stop gap was needed, Something cheap. The risks did not matter as most would not be long for this world. Maybe working with this crap can effect the brain cells, Who knows.

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